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Stormwater Management Program Components
The components of the Monterey Regional Stormwater Managment Program (SWMP) are listeed below. For information on Best Management Practices (BMPs), measurable goals, and implementation, refer to the documents (PDFs) listed in the left column.
Public Education

Educate the public about the importance of the storm water program and the public’s role in the program.

Public Participation

Comply with all State and local notice requirements when implementing a public involvement/participation program.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Adopt and enforce ordinances or take equivalent measures that prohibit illicit discharges. The Permittee must also implement a program to detect illicit discharges.

Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control

Develop a program to control the discharge of pollutants from construction sites greater than or equal to one acre in size. The program, including inspections of construction sites and enforcement actions against violators.

Post Construction Storm Water Management

Require long-term post-construction BMPs that protect water quality and control runoff flow, to be incorporated into development and significant redevelopment projects.

Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

Examine activities and develop a program to prevent the discharge of pollutants from these activities. At a minimum, the program must educate staff on pollution prevention, and minimize pollutant sources.

Education and Training


Please Keep Motor Oil,Soap, and Paint Out of the Streets and Storm Drains

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