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School Presentations Storm Drain Stenciling Surface Cleaning Certification
School Presentations Storm Drain Stenciling Restaurant Best Practices
FREE Presentations for Grades 4-12. Your class can learn about storm water (urban runoff) pollution and how they can help prevent it. Volunteer to Help the Ocean. Participate in a one-time event or on an ongoing basis to help stencil storm drain inlets in selected cities. Video and Survey for Restaurant Owners and Personnel .
More About School Presentations Volunteer to Stencil Pollution Prevention Certification
Additional Opportunities to Participate
Street Sweeping

The Monterey Regional Stormwater Program asking all citizens to help protect the Monterey Bay by moving their vehicles on street sweeping day. View or download the flyer (PDF).

Education and Training
Please Keep Motor Oil,Soap, and Paint Out of the Streets and Storm Drains

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