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To Report Storm Drain Pollution Dumping or Spills

Please contact your local Public Works department (non-emergency numbers) during normal business hours. A non-emergency is when there is sediment running off a construction site. An emergency is if you see someone pour motor oil, antifreeze, paint, dump chemicals or wash cement or wash water into the storm drain.

Non-Emergency Numbers

Carmel-By-The-Sea (831) 620-2010, zip code 93921
County of Monterey (831) 755-4800, zip code 93901
Del Rey Oaks (831) 394-8511, zip code 93940
Marina (831) 884-1212, zip code 93933
Monterey (831) 646-3921, zip code 93940
Pacific Grove (831) 648-5722, zip code 93950
Pebble Beach Company (831) 625-8402, zip code 93953
Unincorporated County of Monterey (831) 755-4800 (various zip codes)
Sand City (831) 394-1386, zip code 93955
Seaside (831) 899-6825, zip code 93955

If you are unable to reach your Public Works department and have a non-emergency spill to report please call:

County Communications for the Monterey Peninsula: (831) 647-7900
County Communications for Salinas and surrounding areas: (831) 755-5111

After Hours Emergency Number

Please call 9-1-1

Education and Training
Please Keep Motor Oil,Soap, and Paint Out of the Streets and Storm Drains

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